Safe Bet Black is the most luxurious and reliable way to go out in the ATL.

Yes! Yes! Yes. Planning a Surprise Birthday Party, we got you! Planning an Anniversary dinner, we got you! Were you planning a night at a concert? We got you! How about a show, an evening at the Opera, or just a quiet night out on the town.

We love what we do, a look forward to serving you. Contact us today at (717) 723-3238 or (717) SAFE-BET to arrange Birthday or Anniversary Transportation for someone close to your heart. We promise a healthy and safe transportation experience: Safe Bet Black driving excellence…one ride at a time. 


Your special day deserves a unique ride. We promise always to do our best to provide a healthy and safe environment for you, your friends, and your loved ones.


Your new graduate and loved one has the freedom to enjoy his or her celebration, without the worry of their health and safety as well as any road-related mishaps.

Night Out

When the sun goes down, enjoy your intimate evening for two or perhaps a party for friends and family, your specialized chauffeur will arrive early.


When you are preparing for your vacation, you want to relax and enjoy yourself. Personal car service can make your trip comfortable and fun, a time to make memories.