Many of our high school seniors graduating as part of the Class of 2020 have had one of their last memories from high school a stay-at-home order from most of the nation’s governors to flatten the curve of Covid-19 type of coronavirus. While going through this horrible pandemic, it has immensely impacted the seniors of this great nation.

We humbly acknowledge that this 2020 graduation year is different, very different, and seniors faced a lot of disappointing cancelations because of COVID-19.

We humbly acknowledge graduation parties, senior nights, proms, in-person commencements, and other special events that did not happen in the current environment.

We humbly acknowledge the end of your school year should be a happy time for high school and college seniors— with one school door closing, and another opening for your career, in between tons of fanfare and hoopla.

Finally, we humbly acknowledge there isn’t much we can say to make it better, because the situation just…sucks. Even though many celebrations and ceremonies, canceled, postponed, please remember this, do not let this moment take away all that you’ve accomplished over the past four years! More than 3 million young Americans finished their high school career this spring of 2020, we say congratulations, good luck, and stay safe. Stay healthy and remain optimistic about the future, because our entire family at Safe Bet Logistics Inc. humbly acknowledge…There is no known future without you.

As a parent, I personally and humbly acknowledge these thoughts and words of encouragement are unique to me as my firstborn daughter is part of the graduating Covid-19 2020 class. Congratulations, Boop, I Love You.