Motor-Carrier Number is issued by the FMCSA to a company or independent contractor authorizing the movement of freight.


Listing of the commodities within a vehicle and their quantities.

Maximum Authorized Speed

The maximum speed limit over a section of track.


A unit of measure equal to 1,000 board feet. One MBM equals 2,265 C.M.

Measurement Cargo

Freight on which transportation charges are calculated on
the basis of volume measurement.

Measurement Ton

A unit of measure equal to 40 cubic feet.


A unit of measure equal to approximately 39.37 inches.

Metric Ton

A unit of measure equal to 2,204.6 pounds, or 1,000 kilograms.

Mileage Rate

Payment for freight based on mileage – vs. – payment for load.

Minimum Bill of Lading

A clause in a Bill of lading that specifies the least charge that the carrier will make for issuing a lading. The charge may be a definite sum or the current charge per ton for any specified quantity.

Minimum Charge

The lowest charge that can be assessed to transport a shipment.

Mixed Container Load

A container load of different articles in a single consignment.

Modified Atmosphere

A blend of gases tailored to replace the normal atmosphere within a container.


An abbreviation for Metric Ton or Cubic Meter, whichever produces the greater revenue. Most often used in reference to shipping charges.


Employing two or more modes of transportation.

Multi-Tank Container

A container frame fitted to accommodate two or more separate tanks for liquids.


An abbreviation for Not Elsewhere Classified.


Non vessel operating common carrier

Negotiable Instruments

A document of title (such as a draft, promissory note, check, or bill of lading) transferable from one person to another in good faith for a consideration. Non-negotiable bills of lading are known as straight consignment. Negotiable bills are known as Order B/L’s.


Articles packed so that one rests partially or entirely within another,
thereby reducing the cubic-foot displacement.

Net Profit

The amount remaining after deducting the cost of the operating expense.

Net Short Ton

A unit of measure equal to 2,000 pounds.

Net Tare Weight

The weight of an empty cargo-carrying piece of equipment plus
any fixtures permanently attached.

Net Ton-Mile

The movement of a ton of freight one mile.

Net Tonnage

A vessel’s gross tonnage minus deductions of space occupied by accommodations for crew, by machinery, for navigation, by the engine room and fuel. A vessel’s net tonnage expresses the space available for passengers and cargo.

Net Weight

Weight of the goods alone without any immediate wrappings, e.g.,
the weight of the contents of a tin can without the weight of the can.


An abbreviation for Not Otherwise Indexed.


An abbreviation for – Not Otherwise Indexed by Name.


An abbreviation for – Not Otherwise Specified.

Not For Hire Carrier

A Carrier owned by a company hauling company product. These trucks are not available for dispatch.

Notify Party

Person identified on the billing to be notified on shipment availability (typically the shipper, receiver, beneficial owner, drayman or their agents, employees or contractors).