An abbreviation for Uniform Freight Classification, a system that classifies freight by category.


The space not filled with liquid in a drum or tank.

Unclaimed Freight

Freight that has not been called for or picked up by the
consignee or owner.


To charge less than the proper amount.

Unit Load

Packages loaded on a pallet, in a crate, or any other way that enables them to be handled at one time as a unit.


1) The consolidation of a quantity of individual items into one large
shipping unit for easier handling;

2) Loading one or more large items of cargo onto a single piece of equipment, such as a pallet.


Removal of a shipment from a vehicle to a platform or warehouse.


Enclosed dry trailer.


Authentication of a Bill of Lading, and when the B/L becomes effective.


A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution, and storage of goods / cargo.


The storing of goods or cargo in a warehouse.

Weight Cargo

A cargo on which the transportation charge is assessed on the basis of weight.

Weight or Measurement (WORM)

Abbreviated WORM; the basis for assessing freight charges. The rate charged under WORM will be whichever produces the highest revenue between the weight of the shipment and the measure of the shipment.

Zulu Time

Another name for Greenwich Mean Time. GMT / ZT is used on shipping contracts—and some tariffs—when a shipment either needs to be delivered, or is guaranteed to be delivered, by a certain time.