Safe Bet Logistics Health & Safety Care

The moment you call or book online to start your trip, you will experience a new standard of care. Our Safe Bet Black team focuses on keeping our vehicle surfaces clean, providing you more space. Also, offering you and your traveling companions, personal care, and safer service at every point in your journey. So when you’re ready to secure your vehicle with Safe Bet Black, know that a safer, cleaner and more flexible experience is waiting.  

Your Travel Check List

If your journey involves travel to the airport, you should always check TSA’s Checklist before packing to see what you can bring. Safe Bet Black encourages our clients and guest to secure and bring a 12oz bottle of liquid hand sanitizer, which are allowed through U.S. checkpoints. If you are traveling out of the country, international security allowances may vary. 

Packing Your Carry On

Pack light if bringing a carry-on bag. To reduce touchpoints and your safety, our drivers do not assist you in placing or loading your bags in the vehicle customers. If requested, we will be glad to provide that service to you.

Safe Bet Black App

Download the Safe Bet Black app for a touchless travel experience. Access your account, vehicle status, driver information from your device.

Pre-Trip Email

Review your pre-trip email from us for information for your upcoming trip.

Travel Requirements

Check your destination’s entry requirements before arriving at the airport, as several states and countries have issued travel requirements that may affect your trip.

Bring on your flight

Bring a mask or face covering and pack your own food items. Especially important for long trips since many airport food offerings may be limited during this time.

At every step of your travel journey, we’re putting measures in place to help keep you, your friends, and loved ones safe and give you more peace of mind.

Driving excellence… one ride at a time.

– Safe Bet Black

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