Your travel experience looks a little different now. We will do our best to help you arrive healthy, safe, and prepared.
Several states have adopted new guidelines that may apply to your trip. Safe Bet Logistics is continuing to monitor the latest safety and security protocols for the latest information.

First, things first. If your trips are local, just schlepping around town or out of the country. Plan, understand and plan again, it is essential and necessary. Research and educate yourself regarding your destination. 

Travel points to ponder:

  •  Learn more about possible self-quarantine that may be required at any point of your travel journey
  •  Does your trip require an app download, such as contact tracing?
  •  Any additional documentation submission required if you need to leave the country?
  •  Any 1st time or further COVID-19 testing required?
  •  Health screening requirements beyond COVID-19?

 Do your due diligence and seek travel-related information from your local government, the CDC, your regional airports of origin, and destination. 

The COVID-19 virus causes many changes in our everyday lives.

The global spread of the Corona Virus has disrupted everyday life in many ways. Thus, awareness of Infection Prevention, Infection Control, and Cross Contamination is at the forefront of our efforts to combat sickness and death. Especially our Healthcare systems, the Workplace, and at Home. Safe Bet Logistics wants to do our part to stop the spread of the Viruses, especially Covid-19 everywhere. We are proud to support and stand all our nations’ caregivers that save lives.

Driving excellence… one ride at a time.

– Safe Bet Black

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