Air Freight

Air services are fast forms of delivery. Air freight usually has a high density, which generally does not take up a lot of space on a cargo plane. However, they are heavy enough to meet the required weight to be considered freight or load.


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Full Truckloads

Full truck delivery is expected to occupy the entire trailer, hence the name. If your company has a large and bulky load, you can choose this type of freight delivery. Also, high quantity commodities usually offset the cost of a bigger truck. The truck delivery is generally faster as compared to Less Than Load because it does not drop some loads off along the way.


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Partial Truckloads

This type of shipping differs with Less Than Truckload freight. The freight involves delivering all kinds of cargo and fewer loads at a time; it also deals with refrigerated, overweight, and temperature-controlled goods that are also accommodated for the cargo being shipped. The issue of logistics is also considered. The truck is mainly saved or used for medium-size loads.

Less Than Full Truckloads (LTL)

These types of services offered to a customer whose goods don’t need the entire trailer. They are also suitable for companies that anticipate low volume or don’t necessarily need deliveries rushed. Here is where trucking companies offer this service effectively. Why? Because the remaining space in the truck is packed with cargo from other businesses that wish to save money on their small goods.