Men Against Domestic Abuse

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for visiting the Safe Bet Logistics Inc. web site! I truly appreciate you being here. I trust you know by now that Safe Bet Logistics is a family owned and operated freight Logistics Service Provider (LSP) committed and devoted in service to those who have made this county great.

Make no mistake, Safe Bet Logistics Inc. is committed to providing unparalleled freight logistics service limited only by the shores of America’s beautiful countrysides of the Eastern and Western coastlines. Safe Bet connects businesses from your docks to theirs. Utilizing all major transportation modes securely and cost-effectively, we unite businesses that need to ship their valuable products with the most excellent carriers who understand how to transport goods quickly.

Moreover, Safe Bet Logistics Inc.’s main focus is on you, the independent owner-operator or fleet owner, in making sure your company is integrated with regulatory compliance electronically. We help reduce slower performance, poor day-to-day operations, and costly fines.

In addition to Safe Bets Logistic Inc.’s unparalleled promise to serve our clients with dignity and respect, I am personally inviting you to join me in a cause that I am 100% devoted to: Organic Onions Studios. Organic Onions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our families.

Organic Onions Studios’ primary goal is helping and encouraging girls and young ladies in the fields of holistic living, STEM education, the arts, and family values. Funding is accomplished through its online teaching and hands-on workshops, fundraising, advocacy, and outreach programs.

Teaching young people not ‘what to think’ but how to think for themselves, Organic Onions Studios inspires the young leaders of the next generation.

To bring about a better future, they’re uncovering our greatest treasures—women. 

So if you were to be so kind as to check out the Organic Onions Studios site, then I encourage you to join me in signing the petition to raise awareness to this tragedy that our women carry in silence.