Safe Bet Logistics is a versatile Expedited freight that is a team that has decades of proven experience and results. Our entrepreneurial drive and spirit are the catalyst to provide you the best service; it is evident in everything we do.

With Safe Bet Logistics; your shipping possibilities are virtually endless due to the fact what the Safe Bet network of carriers and drivers bring to the table, a wide range of transport options, coupled with support services and much more. Our Expedited Freight business is focused, professional, and dedicated to the successful on-time delivery of your urgent freight.

Consider Safe Bet Logistics for all your local deliveries, and utilize a dedicated sprinter van that offers speed and economy.  If LTL is not the best solution for your cargo needs, use the smallest size vehicle possible to save your time and money—and get the goods there on time.

Finally, personal monitoring is combined with expedited services for your freight delivery services. With Safe Bet Logistics’ Expedited Courier and Freight delivery service, nothing stands in the way of your cargo.  Flexible, and fast, our expedited shipping via a dedicated carrier wins every time.

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