Door-to-Door Capacity

Safe Bet can look at your shipping patterns and customize a plan to unlock potential efficiencies. Then, we’ll coordinate with our preferred 3PL specialist and drayage providers. United States, Mexico, and Canada, we can move your long-haul freight over one of the largest intermodal networks.

Rail is not only more cost-effective than trucking for most long-haul freight, but also less prone to regulatory delays. The quality of our dispatch and tracking technology, together with our drayage network adds value.

Devices on the rail containers, transmit location data; they also alert if a door is open or the box is empty. This information is available to you. The system also maintains and flags unforeseen delays, such as weather disruptions. 

The tech team can integrate with your warehouse management enterprise and supply chain management systems via EDI or the web, which gives you direct access to tracking information.