Critical Capacity

Safe Bet Logistics access to a massive truckload network is essential for shippers, mainly when capacity is tight. However, our commitment to world-class service that ultimately ensures your peace of mind is fierce. We take a California or bust approach to on-time performance, and we follow through with real-time track and trace.

Our Start Freight Right carrier management processes are rigorous: we monitor safety ratings, insurance qualifications, and operating authorities. Algorithms in our Start Freight Right system use carrier profiles, providing load characteristics, providing us the best possible solution.

Key Capabilities

Huge core network capacity  Over 38,000 brokered carriers representing approximately 1 million trucks

Contracted capacity  Thousands of independent carriers and owner-operators contracted for drayage, the last mile, and expedited.

Strict carrier standards Safety ratings, insurance qualifications, and operating authorities monitored for compliance.

Digital freight marketplace  An interactive platform where shippers and carriers can post, bid and secure loads within our Safe Bet Connect transportation network

Business intelligence Access to data about lanes, pricing, carrier ratings, and of-the-moment market conditions

Multinational – Consistent, negotiated terms for truckload service in North America and Europe through a single source

Safe Bet Connect is one of our most forward-looking innovations – a digital marketplace that uses multimodal, self-learning architecture unique to the industry. You will have access to Safe Bet Connect service, which supports a diverse transportation ecosystem, including truckload, drayage, rail, expedite, and the last mile. 

Start Freight Right system

Today, our customers can use Safe Bet Connect to assign freight to truckload carriers, filtered by geography, equipment, and price. Drivers can use Drive Safe Bet mobile app to bid on loads, shippers act on market opportunities, and the software facilitates the process. So you can purchase transportation in the most efficient manner possible, our Start Freight Right system compiles a lot of data into relevant information. 

Key Capabilities

Optimal carrier matching – Powered by cloud-based algorithms, pricing tools, and analytics

Secure web portal – Self-service booking and tracking, with visibility into carrier pricing 

Evaluation of available capacity – Weighted by cost and performance history

Carrier rating engine – Generates detailed electronic scorecards

Dynamic load optimization – Comprehensive capabilities for transactional shipments

Implementation of business rules – Governs carrier assignment, routing, and execution for large accounts. 

EDI and web integration – Connect enterprise, warehouse management, and supply chain management systems to Start Freight Right system. 

The Safe Bet Team can move it all—consumer products and other finished goods, industrial materials and parts, government freight, and goods that require special handling:

Full truckload – Dry vans, refrigerated trucks, flatbeds (specialized and permitted), drop decks and oversized

Less-than-truckload (LTL) – Standard, volume, expedite, guaranteed and refrigerated

Intermodal – Container flat car, flat trailer car, door-to-door drayage, transloading and piggyback

Expedite – Cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks, tractor-trailers and lift gates, with options for pallet jacks and inside deliveries

Heavy haul – Dropdecks, double drops, oversized/overweight, permitted, and specialized.